Spirit – Beyoncé

beyonce lion king

I heard this song when it came out, and it gave me all the feels.

Then, this morning, I saw the video. Beyoncé has solidified her Queen status with this one.  No passengers on her plane–except Blue Ivy!

Beyonce Spirit 2

She took me to the motherland, Wakanda, and the depth of my soul.  I’m 110% here for this.

Legendary!  “Watch the heavens open.”

Side note:  Spirit made me want to get up and dance the same way Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There had me moving back in the day.




  1. Disney chose the right Nala. I could believe how much Blue has grown. She is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps and appears to be enjoying it.

    1. I think Beyonce has definitely turned a corner with this one. And yes, Blue is a mini me of her mommy. How wonderful it is for a girl to grow up with a strong and self-possessed mother.

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