Thank you!

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank a few people for making this blog possible.

My husband – you not only paid for this blog, you have been my cheerleader throughout the almost 2 years process.

My sisters Marie and Celine – You have literally been the faces of Real Life Chic and supported my concept from the start.  Thank you for reaching out to your friends and getting people to “like” the page even when the website was not up.

Korotha – You Tweeted, sent texts, and reached out to all your friends to “like” RLC and put up with my constant “Are you publicizing?” ❤

Johndel – You were my web and WordPress guru.  Your knowledge has been invaluable.

Maggie S.V. – You were the first person to “like” RLC on Facebook.  You have no idea the leap my heart took when I saw that 1 Like.  🙂

Shaundra, Kenisha, Bridgett, Shatwan, Monica F. — Thank you for your posts and your pix.

ALL 201 people who have clicked “LIKE” thus far – Thank you so much for your support!  I am so appreciative of you.  I look forward to your contributing your pics, ideas, expertise and comments.  BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR FAN APPRECIATION GOODIES in the future!!!

❤ A.

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